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Located in Cameron, Ontario

Low- Acid Tomatoes 2019

Big Rainbow (80-85 days) A spectacular large bicolour beefsteak with slight ribbing. This heirloom has a mottled orange and red exterior with brilliant coloured gold and red flesh.  This low acid, firm meaty tomato packs a good old-fashioned, juicy tomato taste. Big Rainbow has vigorous vines and good disease resistance. Indeterminate.

*SOLD OUT*  Grightmire’s Pride (65 days) A large, early, meaty, low seed, low acid fruit with good taste. Indeterminate. 

Mr. Stripey Mid-season. Very large (up to 2 lbs) dense, meaty yellow fruit with pinkish red stripes, ridged shoulders and few seeds. Very mild, low acid taste. Some blight resistance. Indeterminate.

*NEW* Ponderosa Pink Beefsteak (75 days) A solid, large, meaty pinkish red tomato with a pleasant mild taste. Low acid content. Indeterminate.

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