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Located in Cameron, Ontario

Orange, Yellow and White Varieties for 2019

*SOLD OUT* Earl of Edgecombe (80 days) A beautiful round, large yellow meaty tomato with a smooth creamy flavour.  Grows well in both dry and cold weather, resistant to cracking and blossom end rot. A staple in our garden. Compact plant. Indeterminate.

*SOLD OUT* Elbe (86 days) One of our favourite tomatoes, bright orange large tomatoes with an excellent fruity smooth yet tangy taste. Potato leaved. Indeterminate. 

*SOLD OUT* Golden Cherry (63 days) Incredibly sweet small cherry tomatoes in abundance, perfect for snacking on in the garden, sprinkling on salads or pasta. Indeterminate.


*SOLD OUT* Jaune Flamme (70 days) Prolific French heirloom that bears in clusters of 9 or 10, beautiful, 1-1/2 inch, round golf-ball sized tomatoes that are persimmon-orange coloured inside and out. A delicious, tangy, full-bodied flavour that is great for snacking and salads. I consider this the best-tasting tomato we grow. Indeterminate.

*SOLD OUT* Kellogg’s Breakfast (70-80 days) Very large, oblate shaped orange fruit that are both meaty and juicy. Wonderful flavour; our earliest orange tomato. Indeterminate.

Moon Glow (75 days) A deep orange, mid to large-sized oval tomato with a good flavour and heavy yields. Indeterminate.

Nebraska Wedding (90 days) Large orange globe-shaped fruit  with no cracking. Sweet-acid flavour, very meaty. Heavy producer. Legend has it that Nebraskan brides were given this fruit as a gift on their wedding day. Indeterminate. 

Old Ivory Egg (70-75 days) This rare, ivory cream tomato that is shaped and about the same size of a chicken egg originated from a Swedish seed saver. Abundant quantities yield a tomato with flesh that is  creamy, sweet and rich.

Orange Banana (85 days) An abundance of 3”-4” paste tomatoes that have an incredible tangy sweetness. We eat these fresh, and use them for sauces and salsas. They also keep well, and ripen well in the house. Green tomatoes harvested at last frost will ripen in the house until December! Indeterminate. 

Tangerine (80-85 days) Delicious orange tomato, large, with a sweet and intense flavour. Resistant to cracking; a favourite in our garden. Indeterminate. 

*NEW* White Currant (70 days) The fruit is tiny, barely an inch across, and creamy white, with skins having a pale yellow tint. One of the sweetest tomatoes, with superb flavour. The fruit grow in clusters, and the yield is huge! Large vining plants that trails well in a hanging basked.  A wild type. Indeterminate. 


*SOLD OUT* Yellow Pear (75 days) Pear shaped fruit, large vigorous plants that need pruning. Good yields. Indeterminate.

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